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🎉 Hello, HiCA! 🥳
HiCA is a pure ACME tls certificate authority(CA)

Docusaurus with Keytarfree ssl, +ACME +wildcard +UCC +IP +.onion +180 days...

We offer:

  1. Public ACME service:
    1. The second ACME CA which offer China accelerated OCSP/CRL.
    2. The very first ACME CA which supports IPv4(Paid).
    3. The very first ACME CA which supports IPv6(Paid).
  2. TLS premnium ACME certificates's retail and wholesale.
    1. The 1st CA offers NO web, desktop, APP UI but can sells & accepts payments by ACME only.
    2. The world's 3rd, chinese 1st CA offers subordinate CA or tls reselling which supports ACME
  3. IoT security solutions.