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Bruce Lam's GitHub repo


As the world's most popular ACME client, it has been born with the 3rd-party lexion API to solve SSL certificate DNS automation, and has been integrated with over 140 dynamic DNS providers now days, the most reason for this is that it is popular.

From our investigation, was born 7 years ago, starting that day, its creator: Neilpang handles issues averagely 4-8 hours every day, has accumulated over 28K stars, and received the public donation about $2000. In 2020, has been awarded ZeroSSL's ApiLayer sponsorship (the amount is not disclosed).

We are so proud to announce today, we donate $1100 to team, which will be our first public donation; meanwhile, we announce that we will donate 10% of HiCA's every income to project. To finish this, we must say our thanks to HiCA's every paid users' support! And also, we'd say thank to Neilpang for keeping project and providing such a wonderful tool and very contribution to the ACME ecosystem!

We invoke every users, professionals, and enthusiasts, to donate more power to the open source world, and to support the, and all others open source project!