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🎉 Hello, HiCA! 🥳
HiCA is a pure ACME tls certificate authority(CA)

Docusaurus with Keytarfree ssl, +ACME +wildcard +UCC +IP +.onion +180 days...

We offer:

  1. Public ACME service:
    1. The very first ACME CA which supports IPv4.
    2. The very first ACME CA which supports IPv6.
    3. The second ACME CA which offer China accelerated OCSP/CRL.
  2. TLS premnium ACME certificates's retail and wholesale.
    1. The 1st CA offers NO web, desktop, APP UI but can sells & accepts payments by ACME only.
    2. The world's 3rd, chinese 1st CA offers subordinate CA or tls reselling which supports ACME
  3. IoT security solutions.